drummer & musician

Mark Valois

Drummer Performer Singer Educator

With an illustrious career spanning over 50 years, Mark’s percussion expertise ranges from classical to rock. His international experience and dedication to sound engineering enrich every performance, making him an invaluable member of any band.

Mark playing at a corporate performance.

About Me

Mark has been performing for over 50 years. His current setup is a DW Performance kit with additional hardware such as the Roland SPD SX, Roland triggers on the kick drum, triggers on his snare drum and a handful of percussive instruments. This gives him the ability to add further structure and sound to the music.

Live & Studio

Mark has been performing live music since he was a young boy. Starting out with the piano through the Royal Conservatory regime, he progressed to the drums at the age of 9 and has been playing them ever since.

He also has done studio work from both sides of the glass. Recording his drums for various artists or sitting at the sound board assisting in sound production, mixing, then to final mastering. 

Professional Skills

Experienced performing drummer, studio work, sound production and singer.



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