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About Me

Mark wanted to play drums since he can remember. He was absorbed into his family’s legacy of music at the very early age of 6, studying piano and theory under the regime of the Royal Conservatory of Music. He studied and performed piano with a private teacher and his mother, a past President of the Ontario Music Teachers Association who has been, and still is, an amazing mentor.

Drums ‘were in hand’ at the age of 9. Private lessons followed from two amazing drum teachers; both professional, world class musicians: Stephen Tully from the London Symphony Orchestra and Chris Stevens, a rock band drummer. Starting with basic drum rudiments, Mark explored different genres, quickly expanding his playing and performance from basic rock to classical music. Mark was on his way to being a very versatile musician. In the 70’s, after many favourable auditions, he was playing with several different Orchestras, Bands and Symphonies, one of them being the All Scarborough Band as the lead percussionist and travelling with fellow band mates performing across Canada and internationally.

A Graduate of the University of Toronto, Royal Conservatory of Music, with international experience in performing drums and percussion, one of Mark’s most honourable memories was playing for her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II. He has been involved in many classical, stage and rock performances, playing in front of a wide array of audiences.

Mark left the classical stage and became a member of various rock bands over the past 25 years including Roll Another Number, The Rhythm Band, Ritchie and the Treble Makers, Dino and the Dogs and Blind Rust and Turning Point Band. He has played drum tracks for recording artists and also records in his own music studio. When not behind his kit, you may see him with a guitar in hand and once in a while at the piano. In the past 15 years he has taken a great interest in the sound experience of music and has rightfully earned the title of sound engineer. Sometimes he will be doing both, while performing; the sound board for the band is right beside him.

With over 50 years of experience in the amateur and professional music world, domestic and international experiences, playing many different percussion instruments, Mark now sits behind his drum kit or hybrid rigs and plays ‘music’ making it look effortless and relaxed. He does take the odd lead on vocals and sings backup on many of the songs performed.

Professional Experience

Bands & Groups

Mark has played in several bands, orchestras and symphony’s over his many years of playing the drums and percussion instruments.

He is currently a proud member of BackStage Pass Band and was with Turning Point Band for the past 15 years. These bands perform all over Ontario and will do international performances as well.

Turning Point Band

2008 - 2024

BackStage Band Pass

2024 - Current